Adult Sunday School

2020 elective class during Lent: Taste and See: A Sampling of Contemplative Prayer Practices
Join us for an experiential elective prayer class during Sunday school from March 8-April 5 upstairs in room 301. Each week we will learn about a different contemplative prayer practice and try it through a facilitated experience. We will close each class with a time to debrief. Each prayer form is silent and all sharing during debriefing is optional.

This will be a safe, non-judgmental space to engage with God and Scripture in ways that may feel new to us, but have old roots in Christian practice. The goal of the class is to offer you a taste of ways to connect with God and become aware of your union with God. Perhaps one or more will resonate with you and be useful in your faith journey now or down the road. Topics will include centering prayer, imaginative prayer with the Gospels, praying with art, the examen as a form of discernment, and Lectio Divina. Whether these are familiar prayer forms for you or you’ve never heard of them, you are welcome to come for any or all of the classes.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Anne Marie Spelman at 309-830-6975 or

Fall/winter/spring classes

Sunday school elective on the Bible and the environment
Humans construct their understanding of “nature” and “culture” and this is evident in how the Bible constructs its various views of the environment of ancient Israel. As a foundational literary text in Western civilization, the Bible’s construction of “nature” and “culture” influences contemporary understandings of environmental issues. This Sunday school elective will meet September 9-December 15 and will explore the relationship between the Bible and nature. There will be some readings for those who want to prepare before Sunday morning, but the readings are not required. Each class session will begin with a summary of the reading often in combination with the reading of a biblical passage and there will be some time for discussion. For planning purposes, please contact Ray Person at if you’re interested in attending.

Connections Class
The Connections Class studies MennoMedia’s Adult Bible Study lessons. Class membership spans a variety of ages, vocations, and backgrounds. They host a potluck on the first Sunday of the month.

Sojourners Class  
The Sojourners Class is intergenerational and welcomes people of all ages, both single and married. They study MennoMedia’s Adult Bible Study lessons. They meet for a potluck the second Sunday of every month.

Freudige Class
The Freudige Class is the Baby Boomers class. They usually choose discussion on topics of current interest, but also blend in MennoMedia’s Adult Bible Study lessons. They have a potluck the second Sunday of every month.

Faith and Life Class
The Faith and Life Class combines Bible study, social events, and outside speakers for a rich menu of learning possibilities. They enjoy interesting discussions on a variety of issues.

Faithbuilders is an intergenerational group that uses The Wired Word, an adult curriculum that relates the messages contained in Scripture passages to current headlines. Newcomers and visitors are welcome.

Faithful Living
Faithful Living is an intergenerational class that is currently discussing Ruth Naylor’s book, “Faith Talk: a spiritual memoir inviting reflection and dialogue.”

If you are interested in one of these classes, please contact the church office at