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Background Information on the Government Task Force at Bluffton First Mennonite
Governance Task Force (GTF) was chartered by Church Council in November 2017 to “to lead us in a process of examination of our current structure for accomplishing our vision, purpose and priorities. Certainly exploring where vitality and life can be found and identifying challenges and concerns will be part of this work. In addition, GTF will deliberately work to encourage and free us as a congregation to experiment with new ideas to effectively accomplish our vision, purpose and priorities, and will also lead us in ways of evaluating their effectiveness. The GTF will provide a report and further recommendations at the end of 12-18 months.”

Gerald Mast, Greg Hartzler, and Elizabeth Kelly appointed by Council to join Pastor Wanda in this work.

Save the dates: Whole Congregation Sundays (see below.) These meetings are held in the fellowship hall from 4 – 7 pm:

  • February 10: Mapping the New Path Together (Completed, see reports below)
  • April 7: Making the New Path Together (Completed, see reports below)
  • April 28:  Moving on the New Path Together (Completed, see timeline below)

5 Priorities — 5 priorities summary 

  1. Following Jesus
  2. Nurturing Faith
  3. Connecting
  4. Worshiping
  5. Gifts Expression

Jubilee Fund
The Jubilee Fund has been established for 2020 to empower and resource ministry and projects that emerge over the course of the year. To request Jubilee funds, please fill out this form and submit it to the church office.
FMC Jubilee Fund Request Form

These two documents will help you understand the history of the GTF and ongoing progression of our journey.
Report to FMC 2018 Annual Mtg
Gov and Min Glossary

This document will help you understand how a ministry is formed.
FMC Ministry Template

Below is a grid showing FMC in relationship to the community of Bluffton.

FMC-grid-2019 (006)

•Report from first meeting
Mapping a new Path!
February 10, 2019


These are the session summary sheets from the 10 discussion sessions. This is the “raw” data, so to speak. Governance Task Force will meet and look for convergences. What are convergences? Convergences are the common themes, passions, hopes and inspirations  that emerge from the summary sheets. We will post the convergences we see.

Please note that if your group created lists on newsprint, this information has not yet been transcribed into the session summary sheets.

What do we need from everyone, those who participated and those who were not able to come?

Please look at the summary sheets and see what people were passionate about. What common themes, hopes, passions and inspirations do you see? Do you see what we see?  Send us an email, text, note in our box or other communication and share your thoughts.

We’ll use the Feb. 10 information to Make the Way!  Stay tuned for more information about the next event, April 7.

Elizabeth, Greg, Gerald, &  Wanda

•Documents from the Feb. 10 meeting
OST 1 Budget

OST 1 Fellowship
OST 1 Gifts Discernment
OST 1 Hospitality 2
OST 1 Inclusion
OST 1 Learning Teaching

OST 1 Living Green
OST 1 Service
OST 1 Worship
OST 1 Youth & Children


Report from the second meeting
•Making the New Path Together!
April 7, 2019
Group Laurel and Greg

Documents from the second meeting

GTF 2 FMC Summary Young Family Encouragement
GTF 2 FMC Summary Sanctuary, Brazo en Brazo, Sister Church

GTF 2 FMC Summary Transportation
GTF 2 FMC Summary Racism People of Privilege
GTF 2 FMC Summary Non-violent Listening
GTF 2 FMC Summary Meeting Unmet Needs
GTF 2 FMC Summary Inclusion and Issues of Disability
GTF 2 FMC Summary Hospitality
GTF 2 FMC Summary Environment
GTF 2 FMC Summary 5th Sunday Potlucks
GTF 2 FMC Ministry Description Sustainability
GFT 2 FMC Ministry Description NonViolentCommunications
GTF 2 FMC Ministry Description Library
GTF 2 FMC Ministry Description Kitchen Upgrade
GTF 2 FMC Ministry Description Keeping Ties with the Elderly
GTF 2 FMC Ministry Description Intergenerational Trips
GTF 2 FMC Ministry Description Broader Horizons Mapping
GTF 2 FMC Ministry Description Youth Funding

Report from the third meeting
Moving on the New Path Together!
April 28, 2019
GTF Timeline 04-28-19_


•Visual and verbal reports from the GFT retreat, Sept. 8, 2018
FMC Commissions Retreat
Retreat data
Post-retreat Commission Packet