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Governance Task Force (GTF) was chartered by Church Council in November 2017 to “to lead us in a process of examination of our current structure for accomplishing our vision, purpose and priorities. Certainly exploring where vitality and life can be found and identifying challenges and concerns will be part of this work. In addition, GTF will deliberately work to encourage and free us as a congregation to experiment with new ideas to effectively accomplish our vision, purpose and priorities, and will also lead us in ways of evaluating their effectiveness. The GTF will provide a report and further recommendations at the end of 12-18 months.”

Gerald Mast, Greg Hartzler, and Elizabeth Kelly appointed by Council to join Pastor Wanda in this work.

Save the dates: GTF asks you to save these dates: January 20, February 10 and April 7 for our Whole Congregation Sundays (see below.)

Meetings for the Whole Congregation Sundays from 4 – 7 pm:

  • February 10: Mapping the New Path Together
  • April 7: Making the New Path Together
  • April 28:  Moving on the New Path Together

***A light supper and child care will be available at each meeting.***

5 Priorities

  1. Following Jesus
  2. Nurturing Faith
  3. Connecting
  4. Worshiping
  5. Gifts Expression

JANUARY 20, 2019 — First Whole Congregation meeting
On January 20, 2019 (4:00-7:00 pm) we will begin Mapping the FMC journey as we live into the 5 Priorities. Bring your passions, dreams, and ideas for mission and ministry for First Mennonite Church and be ready to talk with others who are passionate about the same or similar things.

Givens – We have a couple of “givens”. Givens can change over time and often do, so this list is not chiseled in stone. In a few months or years the givens may be different. In order for ministries to take shape and move forward they need:

  • Vision
  • Leaders
  • Workers
  • Resources

Refreshments and supper will be provided by the youth as a fundraiser. Childcare is provided (please email Elizabeth if you need childcare:

Everyone is invited to participate in any way that is comfortable for you, as much or as little as you like.

We will be using an Open Space Technology (OST) format. For the curious here are 2 links to information about OST. OST is a method of organizing small or large groups of people who share interest in a common, and often complex, issue. It is a simple and time efficient way to put many heads and hearts together to develop priorities and plans for addressing hard questions or solving big problems.
Open Space Technology Introduction  (<5 minutes)

Open Space Resources:  Chris Corrigan (lots of info)

*To read documents reporting process and progress of the GTF, click on the links below. We will continue to add reports over the next few months.
Report to FMC 2018 Annual Mtg
Gov and Min Glossary
FMC Commissions Retreat
Retreat data
Post-retreat Commission Packet