2024 Capital Campaign Members

Spokesperson: Darryl Nester
Budget Overseer & Trustee: Steve Phillips
Trustees: Rodney Dyck & Dave Moser
Treasurers: Rita Dietrich & Monica Harnish
Consultants: Mike Edmiston & Ray Raeburn
Member-at-large: Amy Shadbolt
Pastor and Meeting Facilitator: Phil Yoder
Associate Pastor: Carrie Mast

Projects Being Considered

  • Complete kitchen remodel
  • Organ restoration
  • Replace carpeting and tile in basement and upstairs
  • Paint hallways and common spaces
  • Basement bathrooms (old) “reinvention”
  • Stair treads
  • Library outside steps
  • Sanctuary: Plaster, possible ADA updates, Lighting?
  • LED lights everywhere
  • Bike racks at main entrance
  • Balcony facade wood finishing, railing?
  • Additional AC in parlor, library, upstairs SS rooms
  • other…..