The First Mennonite faith community has developed some paths of support for persons sharing
our journey together as a church body. One of the important paths of support that formed, has
been to care for senior persons we share life with in the body of Christ. For decades we have
been blessed with a significant number of persons moving into a variety of post-retirement life-
ways. Originally the support was formed through a team of people called the Senior Concerns
Committee. Since March of 2018 it has been named Caring Connections.
The main purpose of this ministry continues to be caring for relationship connectedness to the
church family for those not able to attend church or church activities in person. Some of the ways
this may happen is through personal visits, phone calls, and cards sent by mail. Zoom meetings
are a possibility if available and requested. As needs are noticed, persons are encouraged to
contact the Connecting Ministry Circle leader, pastoral care staff, or a member of the Caring
Connections team.
Currently there are seven persons participating as members of the CC ministry. Persons may join
the team by contacting the Gifts Discovery leader directly or a church staff person. To find out
more about this ministry persons are encouraged to the pastoral care staff or seek out a member
of the Caring Connections Ministry team.

Pastoral Staff – Jeff Boehr
Connecting Ministry Circle Leader – Walt Paquin
Caring Connections Contact – Gene Long