Exception approved June 2021:
Effective May 27th the Ohio Public Health Advisory System was cancelled, so our protocols can no longer be based on the alert levels from the State of Ohio.  Until further notice, we will continue, as a congregation, to follow the COVID-19 Guidelines for Gathering (Level 1 Yellow), including the wearing of masks with the following exceptions:  Small groups, with everyone vaccinated, may relax the rules for masking, social distancing, and eating and drinking.  Congregational singing, quietly with masks, will be permitted.  

Our Reopening Task Force has developed a simplified but comprehensive guide for present and future gatherings throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Two documents have been developed. The first is a spreadsheet outlining our planned response to the various levels in the Ohio Public Health Advisory System. The second is a more detailed explanation of what appears in the spreadsheet. These guidelines follow the alert levels and accompanying distancing guidelines used by the state of Ohio, and are based on what we know now.
As new information emerges about the virus and as new treatments and vaccines become available, the guidelines may be revised. See exception posted above.

FMC COVID-19 Guidelines for Gathering

WCMMT Guidelines for Gathering at FMC-WCMMT

April 2021 Addendum to Reopening Guidelines